Monday, September 27, 2010

What Scale?

Here it is: the worshipping hall of the Pigts, complete with Statue so they may bow before their "God-King":) Leleu Ludovic has done a great job. And I hope he doesn't mind I made the statue a bit bigger here in this render. The statue in the comic isn't a consistent size, but it does state it's 15 feet high. For those who read our Cerebus Film Facebook page you'll have seen the earlier version, and where in the comments Ellis Goodson , who said he likes the environment a lot, confirmed my thoughts about maybe making it bigger. Actually not sure if it is big enough as shown here...I'm thinking so though. Maybe. This is the wonderful thing about keeping the process transparent and getting feedback from fans. Thank you very much.
Also, there is dialog that refers to how Cerebus' medallion, sword and helmet will turn the statue into gold and make it come to life so Cerebus may become "brute force triumphant"...I figure, standing up the statue will be even more dominating. As is the statue is sorta crouching...
Anyway, of course, Cerebus wants no part of any of this and ruins the statue before it ever comes to life -and Cerebus thereby fractures his destiny, which is the theme of the comic and film.
There also a new Cerebus Newsletter from "The Friends Of Cerebus" out now.
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