Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What Sim doing the voice of Cerebus?

Dave Sim had a Cerebus TV Facebook-a-thon going recently where he'd do teleplays, one with Cerebus that we even added some animation to...and I have to say John Di Crosta, who is doing the voice for the Cerebus Film is practically identical. Very cool.

Here are the Dave Sim CerebusTV Facebook-a-thon teleplays:
Dave performs Jaka's Story (Page 242: Oscar Wilde and Lord Julius)

And last but not least below is historic moment where Dave Sim does a Cerebus, Lord Julius etc teleplay with animation added to it (probably the closest we'll get to Dave Sim doing voice-over for an animated Cerebus:))

Wish we could have done more, but it was on short notice. Speaking of time we are gearing up on our polished trailer for this summer...late summer:)
Below is some progress -animation by Jason Minos:

We're still working on the hair, clothing and facial details.

Also, look for new webcomics on our website, updated every Wednesday! and speaking of webcomics: Cerebus, drawn and written by Dave Sim himself, made a guest appearance in