Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What Cloth?

We did hair in our last post and now on to cloth. Hair and Cloth is hard:)

When I say "we" I mean actually "I" as I did some in the past ie the cloth in the serpent fight scene seen here, and wanted to do more here. So that leaves less time for Blogging (or "zapping" as we like to call it here:)).
We also have come across rough spots, problems in other areas of our scenes...let's just say we're "finetuning" if you will, as we assemble all our pieces for a polished final render.
Sara Khon joined us as a godsend. (via Brian Buchmann actually , same thing:))And we couldn't be more grateful. She's binding the Necross rigg (by Erik Frederick) to the new Necross model by Brian. And all the animation will be preserved. This was the idea all along, only this was nowhere near as doable as we thought. So she's really getting the project out of a hole. My hero.
and an additional Necross animator has joined us: Jeff Nash.
Will we finish our polished trailer this summer as hoped...well, first I googled to make sure it's still summer, and according to wiki answers we have till September 22nd. So there still time!

And just as we racing the clock to finish a film trailer, Sim comes up with a great idea for a video game! A Cerebus video game! A game he's plotted and come up with the concept for. Doing the film we have very little input from him, so to do a game that would be less an adaptation, but a genuine original...that is too cool. We'll make a "viewing demo" at first...since the game is based on the first issue much like our film: we can pretty much use what we have (he even mentioned stuff like the Wizard's Crystal Ball, which was our film concoction...hey, nice to see our additions accepted and become part of the Cerebus lore by the creator himself:)) and just add some cool video game stats etc in the corners...and instead of explaining we'll soon reveal the revolutionary new game playing concept! Yes, it's not merely that it's a Cerebus video game, but the gameplay itself has never been done before!! More on this developement later. Just snuck it in here early for those who actually read this. lol