Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What Merchant?

Top we see one of the main Merchants in the town. And like all the merchants in the "merchant town" he is wearing a "merchant vest", which Cerebus trades his helmet for to fit in which fractures his destiny. There's some kinda message in there about being true to yourself hmmm? Of course, Cerebus would then have become a tyrant so it's just as well.:)
Above we see a younger slacker of the town, though he'll still wear a vest if a bit more ragged:)
This two models are unfortunately to be Max Uness' last models for the Cerebus Film as he's moving on. It was great having him on board and hope we can work together more in the future. We are justabout out of main characters at this point.
Below we see more smoke created by Ajiesh Thuvanoor to compliment the explosion he did in this Production Blog's previous post
He made the smoke easily tweakable, so I played around with additional atmospheric uses for it.

The background is a new version of Necross' Lair by Ludovis Leleu, reworking his previous one. His computer crashed so all that's left of it is this jpeg. We should have Necross Lair #3, or is that #4?, in our next post. Judging from his previous versions it should be amazing.