Saturday, June 5, 2010

What Dreamworks? What parallax! Weisshaupt!!

If you watched this weekend's 30 minute episode of Cerebus TV (in continuous rotation all weekend long) you know that Dreamworks wants to buy the rights to Cerebus. I'm sure Dreamworks would be great, but Dave Sim said no. It's unthinkable in Hollywood to go forth with a movie production of such size without flatout owning the rights. I would think though if they, or a competitor, did find a way around that it would bring incredible amount of free press for them and the film...and that Sim would want to make such an arrangement a success as it would prove it could be done, as his name is synonymous with "creator rights".
Anyway, the fact that Dreamworks sees it as a moneymaker should entice smart investors as we continue to make the Cerebus film outside the system independently:)

Brand new "parallax animation" by Hannu Hoffrén above. Cityscape Matta painting by Holli Alvarado.

Above: the character Weisshaupt by the 3D modeling force Uness Max!!
Dave Sim said about the character back in the day:
"Weisshaupt was a millionaire nut. He is not unlike the current crop of 19th century conservatives who figure that you can run a country like a corporation."