Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Dave Sim StoryBoard.

Yesterday Dave Sim mentioned he had been thinking of story-boarding his original opening for "Cerebus The Movie" (from his Animated Portfolio days in the 80s, which is as far as he got before wondering "why the heck would i want Cerebus to be a movie?"). Dave Sim's opening actually sounded a lot like my first storyboard which featured a serene setting with bugs which then scatter when horse hooves ride through the scene...then cut to page 1 panel 1 of issue 1 of Cerebus galloping on horseback towards the city gates. I asked if we could use his idea for our film and today he generously story-boarded it and sent it over. Too kind. See Above. Looks fantastic! And very funny:)

From Cerebus Animated Portfolio days:

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