Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Dragon?

So we posted the new animatic in Cerebus fan groups etc yep, pretty much asking for it:) and so far no objections. whew. We are now moving on to finish it.
Above you see a Dragon, that is part of the Wizard's illusions: (see issue #1 he has skeletons, shadow beast and a giant serpent). Cerebus doesn't battle it, but it's very picturesque as it flies among the towers of the Wizard's castle.
It is created by Bob Pariury and as you see the animation is already underway on it. He was making it originally for his own animation short, so that works out really well:)

Cerebus is now being published in French, Italian and Spanish, the latter one is published first and in hardcover no less
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As the Cerebus saying goes "Something Fell..." See Cerebus Wiki on explanation on how "When something of significance happens, something falls"