Thursday, May 13, 2010

What Birthday?

Yes, it's Dave Sim's Birthday coming up and since he doesn't surf the net I can safely say we'll surprise him with a little animated Bday greeting on this Friday's Episode 10PM Eastern at Cerebus TV

"Claghorn, Leghorn, Elric & Elrod" Dave Sim discusses the development of one of the most popular Cerebus Characters, Elrod the Albino, a parody of Michael Moorcock's Elric of Melniboné, channeling Warner Brothers cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn by way of the Fred Allen radio show character, Senator Claghorn. See the actual letter of comment Michael Moorcock wrote to Sim more than 30 years Ago!

Auction tie-in: The unpublished zombie cover variant of CEREBUS ARCHIVE No.4 featuring the first appearance of Elrod."

Maybe you'd like to buy him a present from the Cerebus TV gift shop:)

The above clip was already posted to our Facebook page.
Market Place by Wayne Watrach
Animation by Romain Lapierre, who also helped create the Cerebus 3D model with Brian Buchmann and Christophe Brebion. Cerebus rigged by Daniel Edwards. Horse modeled by Siva Kumar. Hair and texture by Ciro Ayala and rigged by Leah Kim. Additional hair dynamics and hair attachment by Suresh Mistry. Helmet modeled by Sandy Tietyen. Sword modeled by Nhat Quang Tran. Music Kevin MacLeod

Below is our very early progress on "Thrunk" by Brian Buchmann.

Hannu Hoffrén has joined us and is beginning on parallax animation on the City View matte painting by Holli Alvarado.