Monday, March 22, 2010


Above is the original Cerebus model, which was modelled in 3DS Max by Romain Lapierre and Christophe Brebion. Our current one in the trailer is in Maya, but you might be familiar with this one as well from our twitter page and Facebook page. Romain has now given the 3ds Max model a mouth and rigged it -and personally I can't wait to see it. You can never have too many Cerebus' I always say:) Below is another which was also just sent by Trevor Sieben, Cerebus fan. It's made in Lightwave. Can't wait to see that one either. I've already asked him to make a Lord Julius for our Cerebus Film, which he'll honor us with.

And I'm relieved that the model below didn't get lost -it's one of our earliest environmental models and was done in the application "modo", I believe. But no sooner was it made and it wouldn't import properly...and the modeler, Luis Segarra, disappeared -a brilliant architectural modeler. Parts of this model are in view of our trailer, but as you see below he elaborated further on it... Sorry, if my lighting and framing doesn't do it justice...

This week we'll be doing a lot of voice-recording so things will be a little quiet this week -I want to take the opportunity to welcome aboard all the recording studios and sound engineers who believe in the viability of our project and applied their time, studio and expertise.

And let me add: make sure you buy Cerebus the Newsletter #16 from The Friends Of Cerebus.