Thursday, March 25, 2010

What No Pictures?

We just recorded the voice of Cerebus and Lord Julius a couple of hours ago! At the beautiful recording studio McCoy Productions
-we might not have a decent picture of John DiCrosta (above wearing a cap), the powerful George C. Scott-like voice, behind Cerebus...and a dead-on Lord Julius....but we do of Ron McCoy!

What a great guy and such a compliment that he believes in our efforts so much.
So what about this John fella...? No pictures of the star of our movie?!? Of the single most dynamic performance ever committed to pixels? Maybe an attempt to avoid ruining the illusion of Cerebus being real? Or a mishap maybe?(yeah maybe:)).
John DiCrosta had actually recorded there before, a Domino's commercial -and you can these days catch him on the "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" DVD as "the Doctor" robot. Aside from that the mystery of John DiCrosta lives on...oh, take that paparazzi!