Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Despuess!

Oh, happy accidents. As you might have noticed in our previous Necross animation previews: our Necross doesn't have any facial features, yet. They are to be done with a displacement map -we're going to try to give our wonderful Necross model/rigg by Erik Frederick two set of displacement maps: one for Necross and an additional one for Despuess. Below I give you a very first rough preview animation by the amazing transcending talent that is Jason Minos of Despuess (a scene that takes place right before he is pulverized and no longer in the story)! Voiced by the sublime actor Michael Anthony Petranech

Also, this weekend watch Frank Miller and Dave Sim discuss comics at showing in a continuous loop this weekend only! (Plus look for new exclusive animated progress on our Cerebus Film interspersed throughout!)