Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Contest?

Cerebus TV is having a contest!
Forward the following tweet:


U cd autogrphd hd sketch Jaka's Story phone call from Dave Sim by forwarding: Cerebus TV #16 Mar 12 10 pm ET

to five comic art friends and you could win an autographed, personalized copy of JAKA'S STORY and a 20-minute congratulatory phone call from Dave Sim.


We'll take it on good faith that you sent the tweet:) and then all you have to do is send your email to

and we'll have a random drawing of the winner.

Here is the Cerebus TV press release courtesy Max Southall:

CEREBUS TV EPISODE #16 Friday March 12 2010. All new epsiode of the all comics online TV show. "Let Me Count The Ways" Cerebus creator and CEREBUS TV host Dave Sim with the assistance of four square feet and a hundred pounds of stuffed tupperware containers of Cerebus cover raw materials explains why the book of "300 covers" won't be happening anytime soon. Hilarity ensues. Sequel to Dave Fisher's EPISODE #12 (now in rotation 24/6)"300 COVERS IN 10 SECONDS".

Also, this Friday 10 PM Eastern Cerebus TV will premiere a new animated intro. Below are a couple of ideas that were abandoned before completion.

instead of the clock tower we'd zoom up the Regency Hotel. The 'Cerebus" logo experiences some turbulence as it pulled towards the center where the stars are emitting from. The red TV logo does some changing to an actual TV and in the end actually looks like the "Cerebus TV" logo...(though the "Cerebus" portion wouldn't disappear as it does here)

Basically, the Disney castle and Tinkerbell are substituted with the Regency Hotel and the Regency Elf.