Thursday, March 25, 2010

What No Pictures?

We just recorded the voice of Cerebus and Lord Julius a couple of hours ago! At the beautiful recording studio McCoy Productions
-we might not have a decent picture of John DiCrosta (above wearing a cap), the powerful George C. Scott-like voice, behind Cerebus...and a dead-on Lord Julius....but we do of Ron McCoy!

What a great guy and such a compliment that he believes in our efforts so much.
So what about this John fella...? No pictures of the star of our movie?!? Of the single most dynamic performance ever committed to pixels? Maybe an attempt to avoid ruining the illusion of Cerebus being real? Or a mishap maybe?(yeah maybe:)).
John DiCrosta had actually recorded there before, a Domino's commercial -and you can these days catch him on the "Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen" DVD as "the Doctor" robot. Aside from that the mystery of John DiCrosta lives on...oh, take that paparazzi!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's that sound? Everybody look what's going down.

Last night at Jime Recording Studios
we recorded the voices of the brothers that appear in Cerebus #1. Yuell Newsome (left), who has worked on several show such as Smallville and Sarah Connor Chronicles, brought them to amazing life, and we are honored to now have Jimmy McGivern (right) as our official Sound Editor -he will be doing all the Film's final post sound editing.
And... guess what...
Carma Dillon has had a lifelong dream of being a Foley artist (no kidding!) and will, of course, be our Foley Artist -and last night supplied fantastic sounds for a creature and a "town person" for good measure.

Today we were at the famous and legendary Marc Grau Voice Over Studios, where justabout every cartoon and celebrity has been recorded.

That's the commanding and versatile talent Stephen Mendel, who has starred and appeared in too many movies, tv-series and cartoons to mention (fun fact: he was wise "Splinter" in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series)
He is "The Wizard" (from Cerebus issue #1), and goes way back with Marc Grau.

Also 3 new webcomics -like we do each and every Wednesday at Today concluding the story arch how "Young Cerebus" came into possession of the mystical Medallions, Sword and Helmet.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Above is the original Cerebus model, which was modelled in 3DS Max by Romain Lapierre and Christophe Brebion. Our current one in the trailer is in Maya, but you might be familiar with this one as well from our twitter page and Facebook page. Romain has now given the 3ds Max model a mouth and rigged it -and personally I can't wait to see it. You can never have too many Cerebus' I always say:) Below is another which was also just sent by Trevor Sieben, Cerebus fan. It's made in Lightwave. Can't wait to see that one either. I've already asked him to make a Lord Julius for our Cerebus Film, which he'll honor us with.

And I'm relieved that the model below didn't get lost -it's one of our earliest environmental models and was done in the application "modo", I believe. But no sooner was it made and it wouldn't import properly...and the modeler, Luis Segarra, disappeared -a brilliant architectural modeler. Parts of this model are in view of our trailer, but as you see below he elaborated further on it... Sorry, if my lighting and framing doesn't do it justice...

This week we'll be doing a lot of voice-recording so things will be a little quiet this week -I want to take the opportunity to welcome aboard all the recording studios and sound engineers who believe in the viability of our project and applied their time, studio and expertise.

And let me add: make sure you buy Cerebus the Newsletter #16 from The Friends Of Cerebus.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Despuess!

Oh, happy accidents. As you might have noticed in our previous Necross animation previews: our Necross doesn't have any facial features, yet. They are to be done with a displacement map -we're going to try to give our wonderful Necross model/rigg by Erik Frederick two set of displacement maps: one for Necross and an additional one for Despuess. Below I give you a very first rough preview animation by the amazing transcending talent that is Jason Minos of Despuess (a scene that takes place right before he is pulverized and no longer in the story)! Voiced by the sublime actor Michael Anthony Petranech

Also, this weekend watch Frank Miller and Dave Sim discuss comics at showing in a continuous loop this weekend only! (Plus look for new exclusive animated progress on our Cerebus Film interspersed throughout!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's that joke again?

Here's progress on the tavern scene from Cerebus #1 where Cerebus enters the tavern.

The 2 guys modeled, rigged and animated by Steven Stahlberg.
Tavern modeled by Scott Sommers and textured by Ciro Ayala

Finished clip to premiere this Friday 10PM Eastern on

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What Contest?

Cerebus TV is having a contest!
Forward the following tweet:


U cd autogrphd hd sketch Jaka's Story phone call from Dave Sim by forwarding: Cerebus TV #16 Mar 12 10 pm ET

to five comic art friends and you could win an autographed, personalized copy of JAKA'S STORY and a 20-minute congratulatory phone call from Dave Sim.


We'll take it on good faith that you sent the tweet:) and then all you have to do is send your email to

and we'll have a random drawing of the winner.

Here is the Cerebus TV press release courtesy Max Southall:

CEREBUS TV EPISODE #16 Friday March 12 2010. All new epsiode of the all comics online TV show. "Let Me Count The Ways" Cerebus creator and CEREBUS TV host Dave Sim with the assistance of four square feet and a hundred pounds of stuffed tupperware containers of Cerebus cover raw materials explains why the book of "300 covers" won't be happening anytime soon. Hilarity ensues. Sequel to Dave Fisher's EPISODE #12 (now in rotation 24/6)"300 COVERS IN 10 SECONDS".

Also, this Friday 10 PM Eastern Cerebus TV will premiere a new animated intro. Below are a couple of ideas that were abandoned before completion.

instead of the clock tower we'd zoom up the Regency Hotel. The 'Cerebus" logo experiences some turbulence as it pulled towards the center where the stars are emitting from. The red TV logo does some changing to an actual TV and in the end actually looks like the "Cerebus TV" logo...(though the "Cerebus" portion wouldn't disappear as it does here)

Basically, the Disney castle and Tinkerbell are substituted with the Regency Hotel and the Regency Elf.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Is In Store?

Above is the progress of a broken down interior Market Place Store by the astounding 3D artist John David It hasn't been texured yet, which means there's no color and the surfaces are flat.

Also, I hope everyone is enjoying Cerebus TV this weekend. This week's episode:

Kim Thompson of "The Comics Journal" wrote that Dave Sim's "Cerebus" was the natural heir to Carl Barks' duck stories. How did the legendary "Good Duck Artist" respond back in 1981 to the first two issues of Cerebus "High Society" sent to him by a curious Dave Sim, basking in the glow of that analogy

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Cerberus

As previously mentioned issue number 1 of Cerebus is a very "un-Cerebus like" comic: it's bare bones with cardboard like characters...nothing like the very strong personalities that were to follow later on in the saga. The Wizard, for one, has no lines, no motives and all we basically get are a few close-ups of we know nothing about him, his environement nor his motives. So to flesh him out and make him more in tune with the rest of the Cerebus comic story line we've fleshed him out a little bit...we can assume he's alone and we know he creates illusions of living skeletons, shadow beasts and i figure it's not a stretch that he'd have more of these creatures to keep him company. If you are going to surround him with creatures -well, you just gotta throw in a three-headed dog:) The above Cerberus is the newest addition to our stable of Wizard pets -masterfully created by Glen Southern
Also, like every Wednesday: 3 new webcomics