Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Twin?

Well, in issue number 1 of Cerebus: there are two guys who look a lot alike (except one has a moustache and the other a goatee) and while they are nameless and only appear in a few panels of the 24 page comic and have even fewer lines, one of them does refer to the other as "my brother" at one point...these "twins" are the catalyst for that issue: the issue we originally are basing our film on. I personally have the theory that they are the forerunners to the brothers McGrew (also referred to as the Fleagle Brothers) who appear in the "High Society" storyline...I even thought we could just go ahead and make 'em so, but while the fans will give us a lot of benefit of the doubt and have a "wait and see" attitude about a lot of things: this was not one of them...and having two prominent tough inept facial haired brothers in this movie and then in our sequel "High Society" would be bad. Yeah, they look kinda rough and tough in issue #1, but then why would they hire the muscle of Cerebus, and they are completely inept throughout the story...and so scared they want to forego the quest for the "flamejewel" that you wonder why they set out on the mission to begin with. Very little is explained in issue number 1, nor are we given any idea who they are or what their personality is like and the issue is very rough all around: even the biggest fan thinks so -yet despite this it had enough of that indefinable something to launch such a successful title.
So we've given them motive, character -and like the comic story they are the catalyst for the movie story. I would say spoiler alert, but since we are so faithful to the source material in general anyone who hasn't read Cerebus can go ahead...there is no way keeping our overall story secret anyway:) In our story the twins are dimwitted outcasts from the Pigt tribe...actually they are not outcasts so much as encouraged to form their own sect, along with the other dimwits in the tribe. Unfortunately for the Pigts the twins interfere with the Pigts plans to have Cerebus lead them to world conquest: and as such are an added pawn in Cerebus' (luckily) fractured destiny.

Now while the cast of the film is huge, as has been witnessed in previous blog entries, we don't have enough parts to go around -and so far everyone has been a very pro voice-over person: but I'm going with my hunch on this...and while not a voice-guy, Yuell has been in the entertainment industry forever working on such shows as "Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles" etc. The clip is a message on the voice machine -so it's soso and hard to hear, but there is enough there to convince me, and hopefully you, that he'll be incredible, so here's introducing Yuell Newsome!