Monday, February 1, 2010

What Talk!?

We welcome the terrific animator Jason Minos onboard -who along with Multi Emmy winning animation director Mike Milo are working on our first "talkie" scene! No, we haven't cast Cerebus yet -so they are animating just Necross (the sensational voice of Michael Anthony Petranech) for now. Necross modelled and rigged by Erik Frederik. Below is my attempt at doing a little "inspirational bit":)
Before I pull the trigger on who is the voice of Cerebus I'll upload voice samples without names this week.

Exterior Environment (still inprogress) by multi award winner Kerem Gogus. Interior Environement(still inprogress) by the incredibly talented Ludovic Leleu. Cerebus modelled by Brian Buchmann and Christophe Brebion. Rigged by Daniel Edwards