Friday, February 26, 2010

What A Bran Muffin!

Another 1/2 hour episode of CerebusTV this Friday, February 26 at 10pm ET / 7pm PT. This episode will showcase how to tell a real Cerebus #1 versus a counterfeit Cerebus #1.

Did the above banner ad with Max and his incredibly talented son Meegwun Southall. That banner and a variation of it are featured on great comics auction site

Also, we have a new Cerebus Film website design as seen above. Cerebus TV will feature some new animation bumpers tonight. Among them the incredible 3D animated replica of the High Society building seen above.

We have some great variant Bran Mak Muffin voices -any preference?
Bran Mak Muffin, of course is the Pigt leader who, in the samples below, tells the prophecy of Cerebus' coming and how Cerebus will lead them.

He's an important figure and, of course, also appears in High Society...looking quite different as seen below.