Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Unfaithfulness?!?

This Friday 10pm Eastern on see more fun animation showcased and "A behind the scenes look at the making of glamourpuss #12 and Dave's tribute to Hal Foster". Woot! There will also be a "animation credit list" linked on the CerebusTV website. (the above is justabout all done by Romain Lapierre.)

Now we are not doing Cerebus as the Terminator:) The script is for the most part faithful and lifted directly from the comic, but there is a setup, a "glue", as I like to call it, to put the various early Cerebus barbarian issues together into a whole: otherwise we have a disjointed set of 15 minute episodes. There might be purists out there who will say they want this -but, the truth is, they don't.
Below is one of the characters of this glue: I figure it's better to add new ones rather than add scenes to existing ones. Tough call, but the more I think about it the more purer this approach seems. Also, issue #1 has to have characterization added to it -just has to.
So we've done a few of these voices now -the one below, and a couple others, by Scott Reyns.
Also, we added new webcomics yesterday like we do every Wednesday!:)