Thursday, December 10, 2009

What A Show!

Friday 10PM Eastern will see the premiere of "Episode 4" on CerebusTV, which I co-produced. It features Cerebus animation from our Cerebus Film, some music by Kevin Macleod accompanying a look back on the 80s Dave Sim, Cerebus creator, as well as a peek at the movie "The Independents" from my friend Chris Brandt available through Netflix.
A mention to those whose work on the Cerebus Film will also appear in Friday nights Episode 4: animators Mike Marquez and Ian Minshull, 3D modellers Brian Buchmann, Romain Lapierre, Christophe Brebion, Fabio Basile, Jason Spikes, Wicksell Metellus, Sandy Tietyen
and 3D dynamics and effects by Ajiesh Thuvanoor. Not to mention title designer Antony Buonomo.

Joining us is John A. David (see above).