Thursday, December 3, 2009

What An Impression!

Robin in the UK sent Dave Sim, Cerebus creator, a fax (see excerpt above) where he states the 2 highlights of everything on thus far -first of which is our "behind-the-scenes-making-of-theCerebus-Film" contribution (which we daringly, if i say so myself, did as a film in it's own right:)).

"With Episode2 what has firmly stuck in my mind is that captivating black and white advert with "Jaka" [that's us:)] not least for the haunting piano piece played throughout (by Kevin McCleod) but also of course for the genuine emotion and acting ability of Danielle Larson which was truly something else!"
As for CerebusTV in general he concludes: "I honestly think to coin an Americanism you have hit a "home run" with CerebusTV."

We'll see if we won't be dismantled this Friday 10PM Eastern Time when a NEW episode airs on Cerebus TV! Featuring among other things previews of our animation for the Cerebus Film in the form of "bumpers/transition" logo spots.

For our Cerebus Film award-winning artist Kerem Gogus has created a sword: this being a "sword and sorcery" film we need lots of swords!:)