Sunday, October 25, 2009

What I did

So premiered and the world was never the same...:) Seriously, It could very well be what paves the new way for how the comic world does business -it featured some big announcements.
The launch went pretty well: even people who don't like comics find it mesmerizing -and Sim's interest is infectious...this despite the not always smooth going of the initial launch. Mac people seemed to by and large not see the show, and there were a few times one had to rebuffer etc.
Viewers though now see and get what webseries is about and in general grasp it's intentions...there were quite a few (including our own animators) who at first thought this was going to be an extension of the animated Cerebus.

Which it isn't -not directly anyhow: though we will have our animated clips for our Cerebus Film double as "Cerebus TV -will be right back" sorta TV spots appearing between the regular programming and commercials as they are made. And we will provide some live-segments as well -such as our "behind-the-scenes-making-of-the Cerebus-Film" segment that is done, but hasn't aired yet.
Also, I (along with my friend Jose Magana) provided the solution (by way of supplying links directing one to the "getting started" info) for the Sim's "controversial" 50's style TV streaming idea: many folks want this to be more like youtube or Hulu (I love Hulu btw). Also, my black background idea became part of the template for the website design. And I put up the bids -even the last, in the nick of time, winning one. Also, I don't mind telling you the amount of work it has been reading all the internal emails, forwarding Sim's faxes and all the testing I've had the privilege of participating in... of course this is nothing compared to the amount of tireless work the 2 big "M"s in the bunch put in to actually make CerebusTV happen.