Saturday, October 17, 2009

Now What?

Did I mention the gimmick where I'm going to incorporate the word "what" into every heading? Yeah, that won't get annoying...Anyway onward with our "Production Zap":)

In addition to our own site we're creating our own permanent page on the site. As Dave Sim puts it "...a permanent roster of "Cerebus Animators" with credits for each clip that each animator worked on"
Much like the current horse animation that is up on the TV site: a lot of our animated Cerebus "Animated Feature Film" scenes will double as short "TV Spots" placed inbetween the regular programming and commercials on the CerebusTV site: they will have the Cerebus TV logo placed on them along with the line "Will Be Right Back"when shown in this capacity. Also, we've done some original logo animations for the site.

This discussion about a credit page brought forth some other discussions regarding fonts:

such as the font in the current W-I-P footage should, according to the incredibly talented Drew Costigan (who runs the site and also does much of the vegatation etc for the Cerebus Film) "...stay away from fonts that "serifs". Some common sans serif (no serif) fonts include Helvetica, Avant Garde, Arial, and Geneva." He includes much other great advice -all I can say is I hastily put those up...even the credits themselves aren't nearly complete as I neglected, among others, to give due to Ben Brigham who did lush b&w crosshatching "look", along with the Cerebus expression animation in that segment.

Emmy winning digital designer Antony Buonomo, who has worked as a producer and director for the BBC among other things and who did our Cerebus Film Title segment, cough, the one in question above that I hastily put some of our credits over:), is also looking into typography for our website buttons, which are currently somewhat fighting against the overall mood and drama of the site.