Tuesday, May 16, 2017

What Testing! What Birthday!

rough brawl flow test render update progress


Happy Birthday, Dave Sim!! (May 17th so depending on your timezone:))
(speaking of time zones in Norway it's now May 17th and Norwegian Independence Day!!:))
I've sent a selfmade card and hopefully he'll get it in time

Al Nickerson shares his very recent Dave Sim correspondence: about, among other things, the Cerebus movie, Eisner buying him a congratulatory dinner upon finishing his magnum opus Cerebus - and so much more.
Here's some of the relevant Cerebus movie portion:

"Never having had the intention of signing off on a Giant Cerebus movie, I could afford to be more philosophical about Creator Rights. You want to do a CEREBUS something? You would be a better judge of that than I would. I can't see how I lost/would lose anything from someone else doing CEREBUS. Here's my 6000-page graphic novel. Here's what you did. If you can compete with what I did and improve on it, hey, good for you. If you fall on your face, it's your face that you fall on."

Read the full letter here
or see below

Just saw Hulu's Creator Rights movie "Batman and Bill" which follows Marc T. Nobleman's heroic journey to get Bill Finger creator credit. Highly recommended.