Friday, May 12, 2017

What Pigt tribe!

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Dave Sim Weekly Update: A Professor Calls (and Still Even More Colin Upton!)

Cerebus in hell #3 nudity on the cover pointed out and riffed on in fun
The Comics Journal's "This week in comic" spotlights "Cerebus in hell? #3" cover as well: "This cover makes me wild. I’ve been looking at it for 2 days! What in the world."

Sam Noir convention sketch of Cerebus

Cerebus in hell #4 in Previews

Cerebus film Director Oliver Simon's comic character CAPTAIN ZAP and sidekicks alongside the most iconic figures in indie comics search for Cerebus' helmet - includes legendary rap group Public Enemy! Drawn by the one and only Don Simpson!!
Highlighted by "Flippin' through Previews" with a hint at what's to come at the "A Moment of Cerebus" blog:) :Page 412, I turn and see from Red Anvil — War of the Independents 4.  Holy fucking shit! This series brings together the coolest indie superheroes and other type characters around, including Cerebus, so you know what the main highlight of my column at AMOC is going to be this month!"

With Mother's Day coming up: Cerebus film Director Oliver Simonsen's mom's book made available today as a paperback through amazon!!:)
Escape with her to the sixties and seventies, and hang out with The Rolling Stones, The Pretty Things, Jeff Beck, Keith Moon and more. Those were the days and hey Oliver was there too for some of it:)