Thursday, March 2, 2017

What Intercut!

test render


Another edition of the reread of the comic that came out ages ago from the Director of the Cerebus film (and again sorry and thank you for indulging me:))

Somehow there's been no time for comics in the past 36 hours (the horror!), but tonight I delved into Oliver Simonsen's Captain Zap #2.
A-1, the little worker-bot awakes aboard the captain's spaceship only to discover Cap is having an existential crisis of his own. Apparently Cap's been doing a "Chuck Berry", just cruising around...with no particular place to go.
We don't know where A-1 was heading when he gave up the 9 to 5, but he seems put out to find himself a passenger on a road to nowhere. Cap has trouble explaining himself but though he's unsure of the value of his actions he is absolutely committed to them.
While it is an apparent fete accompli, Cap nevertheless formally invites A-1 to join him on his adventures.

Michael adds: I'm having fun with it. It's been long enough since I've read them that I'm wondering what happens next.