Sunday, February 26, 2017

What Watching!

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It's not only Cerebus that get's a reread, but once in a while Captain Zap does as well:) the comic from the Director of the film - please indulge me as this is a rare occasion indeed!:)

Michael Hunt's "NOTES FROM THE TUB"
I dug Oliver Simonsen's Captain Zap out of its long-box graveyard for a reread.
When I first realized my FB friend Oliver (who I know through Cerebus fandom) was the creator of Captain Zap I was delighted. I have fond memories of the series and was determined to unearth my copies.
The first issue finds worker robot A-1 at a low point. His days and nights are all the same and he's begun to wonder if this is all there is. Eventually he reached a decision, rips out his control antenna and leaves it all behind. He's barely made his escape before he meets the titular Captain Zap and the issue ends.
Simple line drawings illustrate A-1 and his world and they're evocative of loneliness and isolation as his world is made to seem simple, small and insular. Repetitive images slow the pacing, creating a claustrophobic sense of existential dread broken on occasion by A-1's monologues.
Tune in tomorrow for more NOTES FROM THE TUB. Same ZAP time! Same ZAP channel!

Cerebus on Comic Reporter's list of "Five Comics Characters That Either Presently Have -- Or At One Time Had -- Less Of Their Body Than They Did The First Time You Encountered Them."

Erik Jacoby: "Just added this AMAZING commissioned piece of Cerebus the Aardvark, from Other Realms Ltd - The Comic & Game Specialist yesterday, by uber-talented Mog Park!!! That takes my count of Cerebus commissioned pieces up to 2.
Pace e amore ☺"

And a new Cerebus on the "Wall of Cerebus" at Escape Pod Comics comic book store is shared in the tweet below