Monday, October 10, 2016

What Vacation! What Settling In! What Catching Up!


Waitwhat - there's a new aardvark in town: "Gilbert the aardvark!"
There's room for all of us and I hope it does well - hey every movie should star an aardvark if you ask me:)
Legendary comic artist Alex Robinson shared this entertainment fun bit on facebook while I was away - see below.
Alex Robinson: "When I saw this headline I thought the CEREBUS movie was finally being released!"
I further added in the comments with: here's what "Gilbert" looks like in the Unified picture


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Cerebus by Stjepan Šejić (artists on Witchblade among others) for Escape Pod Comics comic store

Escape Pod Comic store owner Menachem Luchins:
So... I asked Carla Speed McNeil for something for the Wall of Cerebus... And then she did this Michele, saying #51 was the first issue she read. So... Now she's doing a larger piece. #Obviously