Sunday, June 26, 2016

What Princes in the shadows!

test render
There was a whole lot more to this render, but Prince Keef's hair didn't show it turns out - not sure why, but seems to be back and rerendering:)

Prince Keef test render:)

This is as good a time as any to shamelessly plug my mom's book about her times with the Stones, among others


Dave Ryan, President of Red Anvil comics, selling original artwork of their latest published issue of "War of the Independents" featuring a Cerebus approved crossover in what is also a very Cerebus centered plotline

Also, here's President of Red Anvil comics, Dave Ryan, in a segment of Cerebus TV back in the day:) (at 3:37 and 5:03)

Some more sites spotlighting the return of a Cerebus comic series below




also Canada

England and international