Monday, June 20, 2016

What Journey!

test render


Cerebus featured in "Heroes Con 2016 Comic Book Haul Live Show" (at approximately 11:15 in the video)

Cerebus on Italian list of top ten creator owned comic characters

Message from Sean Michael Robinson who is in charge of the Cerebus restoration project:

Hello everyone. This is just your periodic update that we are still looking for original Cerebus art scans! Although I've now completed work on approximately 2,300 pages of the series, almost every time I get a new original art scan I'm still shocked at how much detail was lost as it went from stat camera to negative to original printings. Every single page counts, and my restoration job will never be complete until every single page of original art has been tracked down and scanned.
So! Do you have an original art page or other piece of Dave Sim artwork? Do you know someone who has one? Please contact me at cerebusarthunt at gmail dot com for further info! We're looking for color 600 ppi scans. Any and all leads appreciated! Thanks again for your support.
(for those of you curious about the particulars—when a book has been "completed," the original art scans are filed away until the next print run. So, for instance, the next printing of High Society will have an additional 20 or so original art pages replacing existing pages sourced from negs or print copies. The next C + S I edition will have a whopping 45+ pages sourced from original art. Etc etc etc.)