Monday, June 27, 2016

What Immanence!

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Top comic site "The Beat" spotlights the new "Cerebus in hell" webcomic - featuring it's very own Cerebus strip

New Dimension comic store in Ellwood City sharing their "Cerebus in hell" on their facebook page as well

Comix Experience, San Francisco's oldest comic store chain, shares their's 

Escape Pod Comics comic book store has their's on their facebook page as well

More comic news sites spotlighting the return of Cerebus
(I think - wherever it is, seems it must be pretty huge because it got crazy amount of retweets) among those retweeting is psychoanalyst, art historian, novelist and screenwriter Fernando Zamora
Mexico again

The Earth-Pig Diaries ep.3 is out now for all our @silencepod Patreons