Saturday, June 25, 2016

What Catching Up!

test render

Hair transferred to Despuess rig by Paul Ormerod
(for some reason the earlier rig version was imported in this particular scene - usually they are linked thus making it easier to swap out an older rig with an updated version. Paul to the rescue! Also this might just be the last Despuess scene to test render.))


Bleeding Cool spotlights the start of the "Cerebus in hell" webcomic - and it's own "cameo" of course:)

For the premiere of the "Cerebus in hell" webcomic Dave Sim made a film - watch now!

Added bonus see comments section of the "Moment of Cerebus" blog
for banter between Dave and fellow comic legend Stephen R. Bissette (particularly well known for his run on the comic Swamp Thing and his love for all things horror:))

A new strip was revealed every half hour today and a new one will be posted each day from here on at

leading up to the sale of the hardcopy editions of "Cerebus in hell" with all new material
in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of Cerebus - see poster below