Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What Bridge! What Looking! What Wedding!

test render

test render

test render


Kevin Kennedy shares a picture of his wedding gift
he says:
I have three people to thank for making this happen, Dave Sim, who was really kind enough to draw this for me as a wedding gift, Calum Johnston for bringing Dave down for his last official signing and my lovely patient beyond measure wife, for waiting 4-5 hours plus with me, while on our extended honeymoon, to have my chance to talk with Dave, let alone have him offer to draw this for me.

So thanks very much everyone.

Dave's such an iconic legend in the comic business, it was a real treat to be part of this event at all, let alone have him be so kind as to do this sketch. So thanks guys.

Margaret Liss shares the following picture of the happy couple - adding:
I think this is the couple with Dave doing the sketch. I remember seeing her patiently sitting on the stairs by the open door, with the cool breeze coming in. Dave made it a point to come over and say hello to her and talk with her while he sketched.

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