Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What Lord Julius Entrance!

test render
here's non-cropped version


Dave Sim is blogging again!
 though Dave adds "Best-laid plans. My left shoulder started hurting again yesterday which is making left-handed typing a problem. I'm still hoping to type something here every day of the CEREBUS ARCHIVE FOUR campaign" Finger's crossed!

Dave Sim Weekly Update #106: a preliminary diagnosis of Parkinsons, preview of the IDW Cerebus Covers Collection, copy of the remastered Church & State I, recap of the Great Cerebus Giveaway and much more!

Sarah Newman pledged $280,000 gift in support of the Michigan State University Comic Art Collection thanks largely to the "exploration of the artistic and literary reach of comic art" in Cerebus

Jesse Lee Herndon's new reviews of Cerebus issues

The Comics Reporter spotlights Cerebus Kickstarter
Comics Reporter update

Cerebus Kickstarter on 4chan

A kickstarter staff pick

Rough store idea - basically a garage sale of  comics related items for everybody who "works" at What Comics Entertainment:) I just finished moving and always end up giving heaps away so at least now maybe I'll still have the pics:)