Friday, September 11, 2015

What Elrod ear pulling!

test render


Dave's Weekly Update #99: The Great Cerebus Give Away (Part 3)
plus bonus video
4chan thread discussion about the video

Color Correction by Sean Robinson of Cerebus image - many of these same processes are used in the Cerebus film (and will be used more in it's the final stages).
(Many of the tools in fact have the same name as we use mostly After Effects. Photoshop is for still images and After Effects is for footage. Both products are by the same company "Adobe")

Sean Kleefeld looks at "The Creator's Bill of Rights"
From the article: After a dispute with Diamond Distributors, Dave Sim tried pulling together other comic creators to try establish some rules designed "to protect their rights as creators and publishers and oppose exploitation by corporate work for hire practices and the power of distributors to dictate the means of distribution."