Thursday, August 6, 2015

What Cerebus Post Punk Rock!

Done for fun because it had to be done:) I have no idea what the lyrics are. The song "Dave Sim" by the band "Self Defense Family".
I should maybe have taken greater care in editing and in selecting what clips to use to properly honor this great song, but ah time or the lack there of.
Original music video
review of their latest album featuring "Dave Sim"
Maybe I should have taken better care with it and it would have gone viral:) So far it's been retweeted by the band, their label and some fans which is nice - and hey maybe it can still happen:)


New review of Cerebus #45 by Jesse Lee Herndon

Savage Dragon and Cerebus comparison

Cerebus movie by Dreamworks! Sandeep Atwal shares Dreamworks letter to Dave Sim

article about Jonathan Eirich who  wrote the letter and served as "senior VP of production" at DreamWorks