Thursday, March 12, 2015

What Sanctuary!

"The Sanctuary" environment progress by John Eyre

Dave Sim testing his new wrist brace
Friday afternoon, at 3 pm, restored High Society going to print

Cerebus: High Society Audio/Digital Experience DVD review

New Image and CBLDF benefit Elephantmen comic "Shots #1"" featuring Dave Sim drawn story, among others

Copra compared to Cerebus
From the review: "It’s comparable to Dave Sim and Cerebus, if you look at the first issue of that and the last, and see the way that Sim has learned to master his cartooning; Cerebus featured so much imitation on the pages, whether visually as parody or even with the way certain characters spoke, and by the end of the series Sim had transformed from a talented artist into an absolute master."