Saturday, January 10, 2015

What Cerebus drawings by Dave Sim for the movie!

First three production paintings pencilled by Dave Sim for the Cerebus Movie.
(and now mailed to Joe Rubinstein for his amazing watercolour finishes)
These are the three images that feature the line: "Does Cerebus LOOK "LIGHT-HEARTED" and 'HAPPY-GO-LUCKY' to YOU, Young Lady?"
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They'll be made into Bonus Prints for sale along with an inked drawing "37 years an aardvark" to Antony Buonomo, who did the title opening for Best Picture Oscar winner "12 years a slave" and will be doing so for the Cerebus movie as well.

Cerebus High Society bookplate competition!

Bleeding Cool article: James Bond by Dave Sim!:)

Ongoing retrospective of the "entire" Cerebus storyline concludes
From the post on the "last" Cerebus Graphic Novel: "He also finally explains Cerebus' helmet, sword, and amulet - the ones based on the original Conan getup...which, if had them when he met the Pigts, would have transmuted to gold and animated the Pigts' stone idol of an aardvark into a giant golem with death-beam eyes that would have conquered the world for him. But, he sold the helmet. So, that didn't happen. Really, at this point after all the set-up for Cerebus as the barbarian quasi-Christian messiah, Sim takes as much or more of this book showing how that destiny was completely thwarted - a perfect hermaphrodite that can't give birth, a planned fate completely mothballed - and continues on in that vein to explain Elrod, the Roach, Professor Charles X. Clarment, Thrunk, etc."