Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Heist! Wizard Spell! Wizard Courtyard!

animation by Matteo Rovatti

early animation progress by Kevin Matsui

layout progress


"Comics Beat" covers CEREBUS ARCHIVE NUMBER ONE -calls the series "highly eccentric and yet amazing 300 issue comic"

Article by Andrew Hickey: "Cerebus may be the most influential comic of its time on today’s culture — everything from Breaking Bad to Hannibal, every current TV show that relies on a planned, multi-season, story arc, is essentially the grandchild of Cerebus — and if Sim had achieved nothing else with his comic, that would in itself be enough"

Recent previous article by Andrew Hickey: "There are only two opinions anyone holds about Sim’s magnum opus. Either they think it’s one of the greatest artistic achievements of all time, or they haven’t read it."