Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What Elrod Stealth! Gem! Title! Street!

hair transfer to Elrod rig (there's more than one) by Paul Ormerod

vest cloth and medallion necklace simulation/dynamics progress using SetUp by Nick Wolensky

lipsync animation update progress by Philip Edward Alexy

(There are white lines because i patched together the multiple jpegs he sent to show how they look close up)
Cerebus Title progress by Wallace Kirkwood
Below concept art for the next stage of progress
Wallace says: "Heres a rough basic concept. The only thing missing is the all the wood planks. But I will model them in:) Also missing is the moss. You can also see what I meant about the metal plating on the AARDVARK part of the title. But Ill add a bit more rust and dirt to the texture:)"

Street texture and displacement map update progress by Lynne Mills

test render