Friday, January 17, 2014

What City Saving! Tavern Keeper! Politics! Flashback! Brother-In-Crime!

animation update by Matteo Rovatti

animation progress by Kevin Matsui

layout progress by Rob Ellis
mouth not moving because used wrong rig version of Cerebus

Look Development progress for flashback sequence by Nat Palazzo
For this flashback sequence (starts at 0:28)

rough test renders
Brother-in-crime texture update progress by Nicklas Kludt
Also UV transfer for 4th version of Twin rig

The Oscars and Cerebus!:) Antony Buonomo did the opening titles for "12 Years A Slave" and has also worked on the Cerebus film

 And Chad Greene from the Cerebus Film worked on the game Ryse, which is an award nominee for this year's VES Awards