Monday, July 1, 2013

What Texture! Transfer! Cloth! Animation!

Street texture progress by Nicklas Kludt

Brothers UV transfer by Nick Wolensky
Heads appear - troubleshooting fix by Technical Director Nick Wolensky
Nick: "Good news..I know why the twins heads are not rendering. It's because the heads are acting as wrap deformers for something else. By default, when you set up a wrap deformer in maya, the object that is acting as a wrap for another object has its "Primary Visibility" attribute turned off under the render stats of its shape node. So on your end it might be easier for you to just go under the shape node of both heads in the attribute editor and turn on "casts shadows", "Receive Shadows", "Motion Blur", "Primary Visibility", "Visible in Reflections", and "Visible in Refractions" under the render stats"

Robes cloth simulation/dynamics by Emma Kurran

crowd animation progress by Rob Ellis