Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What Music! 2D! Wizard! Pigts!

Cinematic score progress by

End Credits 2D animation progress by Evan FireHeart

animation progress by Kevin Matsui

animation progress by Kevan Balmer


New "The Colonized" cover by Dave Sim!

Gerhard's "Regency in Ruins" finished!

Gerhard adds: "... or at least this is a photo of how it turned out. It doesn't quite live up to the real thing. I'm going to have a high quality scan of this done and I will post the results.
Then we can talk about prints... of this and other World Without Cerebus pieces as well."

Coming April 19 - the event of the year! Cerebus graphic novel co-creator Gerhard and creative partner Shelley Byers do an exclusive full-length interview with's Max Southall. Ger and Shelley discuss their creative processes and inspiration for their upcoming graphic novel/illustrated children's book. Ger reveals his amazing art techniques as he creates commissions, with the CerebusTV camera running! Updates on Animation Director Oliver Simonsen's Cerebus 3D movie and Kickstarter for rendering - the rushes from his team are incredible - along with his exclusive animation for CerebusTV. Plus -- new Dave Sim (Cerebus and Glamourpuss writer/artist), more indie creator interviews and surprises. Now with iPad/iPhone/iPod versions