Friday, March 8, 2013

What Despuess! Tavern Bully! Villagers! Storyboards!

Animation transfer progress by Nick Wolensky

animation progress by Josse Ngaibona

animation progress by Kyle Wilson

Additional 2d end credits sequence idea by Evan FireHeart! See link for his storyboard (too many pages to post)

Evan and his team of 2d animators will animate it. He explains: "animation similar to what we see in ending credits for "Kung fu panda 2", "Legend of the guardians - Owls of Ga Hul" "Tangled", ust the way they move, no the colors ro scenarios.
There is this picture with the first studies for the characters, without colors and needing a few more studies on shapes ans light.
We will realy need a good song for this ending, it´s basicly the souls for the animation. So before we find this song, we will go as any random one just to get it done in the next weeks and them we adjust it for the right one."

(btw Dan's Bday today! Happy Bday, Daniel!) I don't see how we have time to add this without delaying our film a lot more, unless Dan has a team of animators...but in any case it is a great idea/storyboard! Also, here's another one: an extended Shadow Beast scene idea/storyboard