Saturday, December 1, 2012

What Wizard Courtyard! Helmet! Puttogether!

Wizard Courtyard lighting progress by John Chen

animation progress by Steven Parente

We have puttogether a rough edit of the entire film so we can start honing the film -and better move forward with various odds and ends. To give an idea how rough here's previewFeedback so far on the "entire film rough edit" has been really great so far despite it being very rough. for example: "you guys are the heroes. So much work but I can see you'll finish this. Once you get further on the reels I could see you finding distribution somewhere" "Love it! it has come together really nicely, and the rendered film will look stunning." "Wow! That's a great story, the narration really holds it all together. I love it!" "I can't wait to watch this over again! Really made me laugh many times. =D Great film!" "Wow looks amazing! All that hard work is really showing. Awesome!" "Jeez can't believe it, really well done! Thanks for showing me this outstanding work! Get that funding and finish it man." etc You get the idea. so whew. So far so good:) We're getting there.