Monday, September 24, 2012

What Tarim! Cloth! Heist! Brawl! Matte!

Animation by Philip Edward Alexy

Cloth simulation/Dynamics progress by Melissa Starks

animation progress by Matteo Rovatti

Cerebus Crowd Scene (Work in Progress) from Jimmy Litz on Vimeo.

Environment matte by John Chen

Cerebus News

Mark Millar, creator of "Wanted" and "Kick Ass", says: I think of Dave Sim existing in a pantheon of God-like creators with Moore, Miller, etc, and too busy with his own ideas to register that mere mortals like myself even EXIST. So this was an extremely nice thing to read. Naturally, I'm going to forward this to all my pals. Especially John Layman, who would save Sim from a burning building before rushing in to save blood relatives.

Ed Brubaker, award winning writer writer of X-men, Batman, Captain America , Daredevil etc: I would happily subscribe through Kickstarter or paypal or amazon payments or whatever, to just about any comics Sim wants to write and draw for the rest of his life.