Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Prince Mick! Pigts! Store! Digital!

Animation progress by Sergey Belyaev

Animation progress by Kristopher Houge

Animation progress by Kevan Balmer

Cerebus has been in the comic book world news today for it's record breaking digital sales campaign the last 24 hours!.

Screenwriter and book author, Carma Chan, explains how it pertains to us in her blog "HOLY AARDVARK, BATMAN!!"

Below is a selection of the some of the top comicbook websites reporting on the story:

Bleeding Cool with the heading: "Cerebus Kickstarter Smashes Records"

"The Beat" says: Sim is the author of one of the great feats of the indie comics age: his 300-issue run on CEREBUS, a genre-defying melange of slapstick, fantasy, and social commentary.

"Comics Alliance" with the funny line taken from the Graphic Novel itself: "Unorthodox Economic Revenge: Dave Sim to Digitize 'Cerebus' via Kickstarter"

The campaign has gotten support from top comicbook folks such as (in a alphabetical order) Kurt Busiek, Colleen Doran, Dylan Horrocks,  Marcus Lusk, James A. OwenPaul Pope and many more in addition to those such as Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore and Frank Miller, even Peter Hook from the bands New Order and Joy Devision, listed on the site. And support includes no less Deni Loubert, who used to be married to Dave Sim, Cerebus creator, running the business side of the comic series. In a great twist: she will now be doing audio tracks for the digital edition -reading from her original "Note from the Publisher" from the earliest years of Cerebus.
The campaign at this writing has tripled it's initial goal in 24 hours.