Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Dolls! Pigts! Rigging!

Animation progress by Sylvain Noel

modelling progress by Nathan Stiffler

rig by Eric Flores

"Frank Cho!" CEREBUS TV/SIMTeeVee E88
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Frank Cho of LIBERTY MEADOWS -- and SHANNA and BRUTAL and GUNS AND DINOS and ZOMBIE KING (the Movie?) -- is back for his third big appearance on CEREBUS TV, discussing where he is right now in his career and where he intends going. What are the Three Distinct Possibilities? Also, who was the first artist that Frank ever glommed onto when he was just six years old back in 1978? Also for those of you who like to watch Dave Sim draw -- footage of him doing page one of glamourpuss #23, "Zootanapuss vs. High Fashion Models" from beginning to end -- while he also muses on his new online dialogue with Alexa, intrepid online comics reporter for Comic Book Daily.
Alexa and Dave discussion: