Friday, February 11, 2011

What Pud! What Texturing! What Universe! What Wizard! What CTV!

Texturing progress by Vijay R

Pud Withers modeled by Akanksha Poddar

Animation by Manas Mishra

Early Wizard animation progress by Sandra Liliana Hernandez Aya

This weekend: EP 52 http://www.Cerebus.TV/
Another of our popular QUICK CUTS episodes. Almost faster than the human eye and ear can register, Dave Sim reviews Michael and Laura Allred's MADMAN GARGANTUA collection, updates his work on the CHURCH & STATE DREAM WALL, a multi-part commission for an art collector in Michigan that will take up his entire dining room wall, and gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how Michael Allred came to do the first all-nude glamourpuss cover #19 (with guest appearances by Mick Taylor, Brian Jones, Ron Wood, Rod Stewart and Russ Heath), Madman pin-ups by Jack Kirby, Joe Kubert, Mark Schultz and Brian Bolland that are "to die" for and (finally!) coverage of Dave Sim's THE LAST SIGNING in September 2010 starting with the airport arrival and a funny little item on CGC-graded comic books with THE LAST SIGNING retailer, Calum Johnson of Halifax, Nova Scotia's STRANGE ADVENTURES comic store (winner of the JOE SHUSTER AWARDS HARRY KREMER AWARD for best Canadian retailer). It's the fastest half hour in Internet Comics television.