Friday, December 10, 2010

What Flower!?

Early animation in-progress by Varun Boomboi

Animation Update by Sandip Roy

Animation progress by Ahmed Nabil

Tonight and all weekend on www.Cerebus.TV
E35 - "CEREBUS THE POPE" Air date December 10
While reimagining page 327 of CHURCH & STATE as a full-colour piece for auction, Dave Sim muses aloud on "Catholic-bashing", the excesses of the Church in the Middle Ages, the sale of Papal indulgenses -- and thenactual does the entire "Sermon on the Chimney" (pages 327 to 330) in Cerebus' voice. The episode also includes shots of the Church & State original artwork that still exists in the Cerebus Archive.
"Sermon on the Chimney" is the auction piece this week -- it can be personalized to you or someone else for a Christmas gift and will be shipped by FedEx to the winning bidder.