Sunday, October 31, 2010

What Halloween!?

Texture progress by Vijay R. Model by Luis Segarra.

Animation by Jenna Smith. Doesn't include cutaways to Cerebus' reactions and responses

Thursday, October 28, 2010

what Tarim?

leading up to this scene is the animation in progress below. Image and animation progress by Dane Parsons. ( From Cerebus issue #13, page 10.

The rigg for Lord Julius is completed, Done by James Zonta! Who in transferring the model from Lightwave removed edges and verts around the eyes , lips, and throat. And the inner eye areas and some of the inner mouth.

He's now doing the UV layout, too, which is really great. In the meantime the model/rigg has gone out to 4 different animators for various scenes.
Most of our main riggs all got done in quick succession and we now have many Elrod, Bran, Bartender, High Priest, Big Guy and Lord Julius scenes all being animated at once. Oh and Cerebus, too:)

Cerebus TV Season 2 Premier Episode due to popular demand showing for another week 24/ 7 - Next episode November 5th
Here's Dave Sim:- DAVE SIM / CHESTER BROWN SPLIT "What's the REAL story behind the end of the Dave Sim / Chester Brown friendship? Tune int to the Season Premier of CEREBUS TV -- Dave Sim's "How I Once Almost Worked With the Late Harvey Pekar" repeating through the week [url][/url] MOST CONTROVERSIAL COMIC BOOK IN HISTORY "Dave Sim discussed the most controversial comic book in the history of the medium, CEREBUS No.186 (1994) as part of his "How I Once Almost Worked With the Late Harvey Pekar" the Season Premier of CEREBUS TV repeating through the week" [url][/url] DAVE SIM FABLES ARTIST? "Dave Sim discusses how he almost worked with Bill Willingham on the FABLES hardcover "1,001 Nights of Snowfall" as part of his 'How I Once Almost Worked With the Late Harvey Pekar" the Season Premier of CEREBUS TV repeating through the week" [url][/url] You can follow what we're up to at CerebusTV on Twitter: [url][/url] and also at [url]http://Cerebus.TV/upcoming[/url]

Monday, October 25, 2010

What New Rig!

Cerebus has a new rig -by Mahendra Gangaiwar

And soon Lord Julius will, too -below blendshapes test by James Zonta.

And here's our first very early on animation of the High Priest (from Cerebus issue #13) by Dane Parsons (

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Elrod rigged by "Magic'n'MythStudio"! Model by Uness Max.

Big Guy rigged by Amit Desai. Jiggle effect to be added soon.
Model by Brian Buchmann

Animation progress by Jenna Smith!

Night ambiance and texturing by Vjay R.

Texturing progress by Vijay R!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Blendshapes by Dane Parsons (, who also did the test voice:) Actual voice is by John Munt. Below more Blendshapes by Dane Parsons.

Mahendra Gangaiwar did a few additional blendshapes. Mahendra's complete "High Priest" rig below. Model by Uness Max.

Vijar R's texture progress on John A. David's model. Part of broken old city and city wall scene.

Brian Buchmann's modeling and texture progress on the stylish and refined Wizard

Kerem Gogus' Wizard's plush Palace progress

And last week it was the PREVIEW -Tonight it's the actual CEREBUS TV SEASON 2 PREMIERE:
"How I Almost Once Worked With Harvey Pekar"
Cerebus TV Season 2 Premiere Episode will be showing from Friday October 22nd at 10pm EST at
Dave Sim says:- "When Harvey Pekar died this past summer, I knew I wanted to do a piece called 'How I Almost Worked with Harvey Pekar Once' for CEREBUS TV. The story start with Diana Schutz, then backtracks to the Creator's Bill of Rights in 1998, a panel I did with Harvey and Jim Woodring in 2005… television is about stripped a story down to its bare essentials, but this story just kept getting bigger… and eventually led to the decision to make the September 24th signing at STRANGE ADVENTURES Dave Sim's Last Signing…. which I explain on the show which is now the One-Hour SECOND SEASON PREMIERE of CEREBUS TV." How did ALMOST working with Harvey Pekar once --- and even getting as far as doing an AMERICAN SPLENDOR cover featuring Sim, Pekar and Chester Brown -- lead to Dave Sim's Last Signing?

Tune in Friday October 22nd at 10pm EST at and find out. You can follow what we're up to at CerebusTV on Twitter: and also at http://Cerebus.TV/upcoming

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What going on?

Above Wizard's Castle interior Lighting and Texturing by Vijay R. Model by John A. David

Below rigging progress on Lord Julius by James Zonta.

Below Despuess and Cerebus Animation Progress by Jason Minos! (The Cerebus portion is the newly added part.)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Modeling and Lighting!

Animation by Jenna Smith!

Animation Progress by James Lane, below are the panels from the comic.

Below Lighting and Rendering by Vijay R.!

Model by John A. David.
Vijay R. will be giving this model brand new textures.
(I actually mispoke in this post a week ago, where i stated Vijay R. gave a model all new textures. In that instance John A. David supplied some textures, but Vijay R. exported that model (as he did this one) from 3ds Max to Maya and added his share plus Lighting.)

Friday, October 15, 2010

What Preview?! What Magic?

All weekend on Cerebus TV see the preview for Season 2 -starting tonight in 30 minutes. 10 PM Eastern time.
Here is what Dave Sim has to say:- "SEASON TWO PREVIEW It's almost time for Season Two of CEREBUS TV with our first anniversary just around the corner. Tune in Friday the 15th October 10 pm EST / 7pm PDT to get an advance look at just some of the many surprises we have in store for you including a "Cerebus the Pope" auction piece, footage of Dave Sim's September 24th " The Last Signing" at Strange Adventures in Halifax, Nova Scotia, "Deep Inside Steve McNiven's Portfolio" a dialogue between Dave Sim and the superstar artist of CIVIL WAR and NEMESIS, new features like "Quick Cuts", behind the scenes of the current issue of glamourpuss, Old favourites like the Follicly-Challenged Neil Gaiman of Earth Two and the C-Minus kid, Blair Kitchen's THE POSSUM, Mrs. Darwyn Cooke, "Head Sketches R Us" returns, Curt Swan SUPERMAN pages, Lady Gaga and Cerebus, an advance look at the SEASON TWO PREMIERE -- coming soon! -- Dave Sim's "How I once Almost Worked With the Late, Great Harvey Pekar". Don't miss it
The Merchant rigged by "Magic'n'MythStudio"!!

And a little more for the upcoming Cerebus TV Season 2:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Lighting, Animation and Modeling

Necross Interior scene lit by Shraddha Telang. Modeled and textured by Ludo Ludovic

Early Stages Animation of Necross by Jenna Smith.

Palace beginnings modeled by Kerem Gogus

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What Animation and Rigging!

Above animation by Adam Sirrelle.

And below Cerebus, who get's a new rig -was good how it was, but he is the star. Rig and "rig showcase animation" progress by Mahendra Gangaiwar

Friday, October 8, 2010

What Lighting, Texturing and Modeling

Above is a scene that appears twice, once during the day and once during the night: both beautifully rendered and textured by Vijay R.
Scene gloriously modeled by John A. David.

Below we have the fantastic beginnings on the Place by Kerem Gogus

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's New

Above "High Priest" rigg progress by Mahendra Gangaiwar. The "High Priest" is from Cerebus issue #13 seen below. Model by Max Uness. Hair and Robe will be added later.

Below Lighting and Texturing progress by Vijay R.

The model is by John A. David, and was a case of good fortune as it actually was a model he had on hand already -but had lost the textures to. You might have seen a bumper on Cerebus TV featuring this set, but for that we used a jpeg of what it used to look like, which is fine for a bumper but too limited for a feature length film.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What's What

Above is the Rigg for Bran Mak Muffin by "magicnMythStudio", whom can be reached at . Hair hasn't been added yet. 3D Model by Uness Max.
Below is an update on the Wizard by Brian Buchmann.

And here is some Necross animation progress, the beginning part, by Adam Sirrelle.

And we also have some Palace modelling progress by Kerem Gogus