Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Necross Short?

we're now counting down to our Necross Short being shown...tweaks and details being ironed's a segment of the movie (issue #13 in the comic) that we hope to have ready to showcase later this summer (as mentioned in a previous post). Above we see the progress on the interior of Necross' Lair by Ludovic Leleu. Ludo did an excellent matte painting previously of the interior and is now going all out with a breath taking and epic 3D interior environment model.

And here's more phenomenal progress by Jason Minos of Cerebus and Despuess as they "arrive" on the scene.

For those who watched Cerebus TV last week you saw we now have Thrunk (marvelously done by Brian Buchmann) in place before he livens up featuring portions of the aforementioned matte by Ludo. Will continue to work on the lighting, camera work etc

You can still catch this weekend's Cerebus TV 30 minute episode in rotation: "The demand for custom Cerebus head sketches offered on a previous episode exceeded all expectations! Dave Sim sketches and gives some comics history background to each of the personas he has Cerebus take on, as he creates sketches according to requests by Cerebus.TV viewers, on-camera" For the full Press Release go here